7.7 billion algorithmic faces

For 7.7 billion human beings

Find your DoppelGANger!

Join the movement towards proxy faces!



Masks believes that algorithmic facial images can provide new ways to protect privacy. The start-up is developing tools to build a blockchain of faces which will allow people to access online services and social platforms in full anonymity with the help of unique proxy faces.

To develop this visionary mission, is proud to announce its partnership with and Mydata Global, an award-winning international NPO whose “[...] mission is to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data”.

The first task of and is to provide algorithmic facial masks to protesters worldwide, striving for a better tomorrow.

More soon...


Humans are missing. Due to the exponential acceleration in the flux of information, humans grow more and more uncapable of relating emotionally to each other and to the technocratic world surrounding them.

So called online filter bubbles generate gated communities where people continuously bounce back the same ideas and aesthetics as if trapped in between mirrors, and by doing so foster intolerance for the different. 7.7 billion unique algorithmic faces for 7.7 billion human beings

7.7 billion unique algorithmic faces for 7.7 billion human beings is a start-up committed to match every human on the planet with his/ her/ * DoppelGANger, or algorithmic face. believes that every human on Earth needs to find his/ her/ * algorithmic double – a first step towards a new idea of privacy concerning facial recognition and biometric technologies at large.


DoppelGANger agitator (CEO): Mitra Azar

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Leonardo Impett, Eleonora Grilli, Jakob Knulp, Lisa Carletta, Mattia Paco Rizzi